Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Resource - travel tips

From the Cecilia's Amazing Travel Tips, via Gadling.

* put all your important info (reference numbers, phone numbers, addresses of consulates, airline offices etc) onto your Hotmail. If you have a scanner you can even put scanned copies of your important documents onto Hotmail. (just compose the mail as normal and send it to yourself). If you lose your originals and your copies you can always retrieve them from your Hotmail.
* optionally: cover brand names of photo camera and other expensive gear with black sticky tape (looks like cheap brand)
* silk sleeping sheet for warm nights (silk preferred to cotton: lighter, dries faster, more comfortable in heat)
* in Indonesia: buy a sarong: to be used as beach towel, curtain, long or short skirt, sheet, table cloth
* in case of diarrhoea: slice an apple into very thin slices (with clean hands and knife!), let slices turn brown, then eat; this should relieve within 12 hours
* in case of constipation: massage your own belly with your hands and with your muscles (by flattening and bulging your belly) this sort of activates your intestines; also try this: when sitting on the toilet, bend all the way over (forward), then sit up and bend backwards as far as you can, massage your tummy, bend over again, etc. Drinking coffee or (herbal) tea can also help.
* a large fan (ventilator) on the ceiling helps against mosquitoes; they cannot fly as well in the wind it creates, so keep this in mind when selecting a hotel room in mosquito-rich areas; or better yet, use an impregnated mosquito net
* in poorer countries: buy a large plastic, woven potato bag at a local market and put your backpack in it when travelling by bus or air-plane; good protection from dust, dirt, rain (if your pack goes on top of the bus) and theft (your pack looks like somebody's harvest rather than the interesting belongings of a rich tourist)
* always carry a small box of Vaporub/Vicks cream (peppermint smell) and smear it under your nose in case you get nauseated/sick when on a bus on curvy roads or full of smelly people/animals; the result is even better if you smear it onto a bandana and bind that in front of your nose in cowboy fashion (also good against dust and sand)

Looks like a great resource for you mission team leaders going overseas.

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