Saturday, April 09, 2005

Spring Break Launch followup

I guess I never really posted about the Spring Break Prayer Launch at the Mall. So I will now. We had a really light crowd show up that night, but three middle schoolers. (I only say that because, like I've said before, build into your middle schools and you inherently build into the future of your high school ministry.)

So we split the whole group up into half and had half of the SPACE crew go with each half. In the middle of our time, we switched, so the same 'navigators' had the other set of students.

The basic gist was that our SPACE crew kids had thought about how to pray for the Mall and would be guiding or navigating the other kids through how to pray strategically.

The first group stayed together and as they came to each specifically chosen place in the Mall, gathered together in a circle and prayed together, outloud, in front of the store/restaurant/area. Gutsy huh?

The second group walked through the Mall together, and one person started off praying, silently, for something specific - either people in a store, a person they saw walking or something like that. When they were done, they would gently tap another person and give them an idea of what to pray for next. Like, 'pray for the parents in Build-A-Bear.' It got termed 'Tag Prayer.' Pretty cool idea.

Similar to the last time we did this, it opened up the eyes of some of our students. They never realized how to 'see' like this and started to see the a place like the Mall could be strategic for God's movement.

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