Thursday, April 21, 2005

Presentation Skills

I've been in a presentation skills class the last two days. Overall, it was pretty good. Here are some of the notes that I found helpful. Of course, most of you probably speak pretty regularly. Hope you might find them good reminders.

main purpose of making a presentation
- is to relay information
** i disagree
should be to call to action
or change attitude


three types of learners
1 auditory
common expression - "let me describe this process for you"
2 visual
"let me show you how this works"
3 kinesthetic
"what are your feelings on this issue"

culture is shifting more towards visual

physical gestures - interaction
studies have shown that only 7 percent of the initial message you convey is verbal

no eye contact means:
- i'm not here
- you are not here
- lets avoid involvement

effective eye contact engages you in nonverbal conversation with the audience
cultures - specific keys on eye contact
middle eastern cultures for example

Gestures and Body Language
any kind of audible repeating noise will disturb people
avoid repetitive movement, playing with change

locations for presenter - back of room only good for narratiing video, animation or movie
when you are in the back and talking, audience gets confused between you and the front

vocal techniques
tongue twisters to warm up

pitch - change in tone of speaking
think infomercials, prof broadcaster

memorize main point for every slide - key to not using nonwords "um, ok..."

Audience Purpose and Point
elevator description - be able to describe it in an elevator ride

Opening Presentation
inspire confidence

Directions of Questions

Responding to Issues complaints
I understand how you feel
I've often felt that way
But we've found that

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