Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Leader leader leader

Well we have suffered a major set back with one of the foundational building blocks for our summer missions. Through nobody's fault, I'm down a leader.

And it's not only 1 leader. It's a significant leader. This role is fundamental to not only this summer, but to the movement and momentum for future summers.

This person got it. They understood. We were on the same page. I know I can't find another person just like them. I'm not saying that to be biased. That is the harsh reality. But I seriously doubt that I can even find someone close. Someone that understands. Someone that can see it, someone that gets it, someone that MUST do it.

You are in the same boat that I am. Finding the right leaders is difficult, almost impossible. You have to have people that love students, that love to grow, that can see the possibilities and the future, that take the initiative, that willingly shepherd kids and risk a lot to see them grow.

What a drag. I know this is worth it. The question is, can it really be done?

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