Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Leading and Growing

Most of you readers that I know about are probably leaders. The variety of leaders reading here are probably varied. Some of you lead within youth ministries. You are small group leaders, youth pastors, mission team leaders. Some of you lead behind the scenes. You lead by doing what needs to get done, even when no one notices. Maybe its art, tech stuff, setup and tear down. Some of you speak, creating and crafting thoughts that spur on the movement of the Kingdom in other people. I suspect that your leadership overflows into other areas of your life as well. Besides your families, you are leaders in other aspects of your life - career, community, etc. You probably desire to grow as a leader. Growth, challenge, and learning excite you. Thats what makes you a leader.

Up to now, I haven't really found any blogs that talk about leadership. However, I would encourage you to check out Alex McManus, brother of Erwin. I posted previously about a series he is starting this week. Check it out.

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