Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Visiting Small Groups

I visited our two senior Dteams (small groups) tonight to go promote the Black Hole Experience. It was really fun. There is something about seeing students during the week, in their small groups, away from the church environment and on a day that is not Sunday, something that is just fun and authentic.

Honestly, I'm tired, just from driving to two different houses. When I was a Dteam leader, on some weeks, I would drive to three or four houses, picking and dropping off kids, half way across the county. It's hard to believe that I did that for four years. Of course, I didn't drag my kids around like I did tonight. (On a side note, little kids interacting with teenagers is always fun don't you think?)

But... you know as well as I do... that the effort is worth it. Whether my energy means that a kid can get together with some of his friends to talk about God and real life, or to challenge a group of graduating seniors to talk a missional weekend when they know zero details, I would choose to expend my energy every time. And I think you would too.

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