Thursday, April 28, 2005

SPACE Missions 2005 update

Well out of the four mission trips I am involved in helping out with this summer, three of them are stalled. The one that is making progress is the one I am least involved with. Hmm. Should I take a hint?

It is more than a little discouraging. Writing about it may be a little therapy for me.

#1 - SPACE crew traveling to Brazil to work with some GCC missionaries. This trip is in a holding pattern right now waiting for our missionary hosts to finalize some things before we make a commitment. Totally understood. I don't want to push him there, because I know our goal is really to help him in whatever ways we can. The issue for me is 'how long do I wait?' I'm thinking not much longer. Slated for early August, and May is almost upon us. In other words, time is ticking.

#2 - Middle school long weekend to CMTS. A perfect trip for middle schoolers because they are doing loads of work. I had just threw out a vision for the trip to two of the leaders - the idea of talking about world religions throughout the whole weekend. I don't think middle school is too early to expose these kids to other world religions. I had confirmed a date months ago, but seemingly CMTS doesn't have us on the calendar. And the directors are out of the country for two weeks. Did I mention its almost May?

#3 - Single day movements into DC. One of my key leaders for this had to back off for some personal reasons. It was originally going to be 6 consecutive Fridays. In order for this to be what I want it to be, I'm making it 3 Saturdays, one day each in June, July and August. It will also be a jump start for students who want to be involved in summer missions for future summers. This is the key movement for this summer, because it sets up for the future. It's unfortunate.

Well, at this point, at least my family summer vacation plans are still intact. And PrayingMantis and I have something potential in the works. More updates about that later.

I know there are no coincidences.

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