Tuesday, April 12, 2005

BBC series - global migration

Interesting series about global migration that I had read about a few days ago, but only started reading tonight. Full series link.

I think its going to be a good resource for me to use with The Black Hole Experience.
- At the start of the 21st Century, one in every 35 people is an international migrant.
- At the end of 2002, 10.4 million people around the world had refugee status.
- Despite tightening its asylum laws after the 11 September attacks, the US still accounts for half of all the resettlement of refugees worldwide.
- Germany has the largest refugee population in Western Europe. In December 2002, just under a million foreign nationals were resident in Germany on humanitarian grounds.

Would you agree that for some reason, God is moving the nations of the 10/40 window to be reached easier? The question is whether we will capitalize on the opportunity.

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