Friday, April 15, 2005


For most student teams, reentry is not a huge issue. However, for other short term and long term missions, it is huge. It's not easy to get your arms around the topic of reentry. The issues people face are as varied as the people involved. People respond totally differently. Here is one of the best narratives I have ever read on the subject.
Notice that the post deals with feelings and perspectives about the differences in:
- food
- time zones
- routine with children
- public libraries
- drivers licenses
- dining out and restaurants
- buying groceries
- the amount of choice we have here versus overseas
- compare and contrast differences in cultures
(the tendency to want to say better/worse instead of different)
- availability of electricity
- medical care
- home church
- worshipping in native tongue
- the next milestone of decisions
- the smell
(I remember the first impact of landing in the Dominican Republic - it was totally the smell.)

As I read through this list of transitional issues, it's no wonder that 50% of missionaries don't make it through the first year.

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