Friday, January 28, 2005

More thinking from Origins Florida

Like the last time I went to Origins, a bunch of things have been swimming around in my head since getting back from Origins-Florida. What I love about the experience is that I have left both times with thinking about following Jesus in a totally different way and not having anything concrete or tangible to actually apply. But of course, an experience like that has to grow and stretch you - you need to act on what you have learned.
So two things have come out of it for me.
First, this idea of the person that MUST, that Alex spoke about. (There are two newsletters that also talk about the same kind of thing, here and here.) Who are the people in my sphere of influence that are people that MUST? Who are people in my influence that are not, but could be people that MUST? How do we develop those people bringing them to that point? And what is the essential task that we call them to, what are they things that they MUST do? Maybe that is one of the issues with the Western church - that we have a lot of people that call themselves Christians, but are not people that MUST (yet).
Secondly, I really need to read Scripture in a new way. Read it with the willingness to obey, reading it from different angles - the emotion, imagination, from the antagonist, chewing on the text instead of running right through it. I had a bit of time off work yesterday waiting for stuff (car appointment, gymnastic class for one of my kids) and started reading through Acts with these things in mind - it was cool.

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