Tuesday, January 11, 2005

24-7 prayer teams

I was poking around the new 24-7 prayer site today. Part of it was from the
tip from Andrew, part of it was just to maybe spur on some ideas for our summer teams from GCC. The 24-7 movement looks pretty awesome, this phrase "high places of youth culture" is really sticking to me.

I'm still trying to get this whole progression of summer mission trips together. I think we need to be progressing, middle school -> high school. I think we need to capitalize on some really good training that is offered by something like SEMP for a 9th or 10th grader. I think the end goal needs to be a team that goes to help a GCC supported missionary.
What I'm unsure of is how the SPACE team trip fits in with this progression. My first inclination, since this is the team that I lead, is that we should be striving for exposure to new models of missions, new paradigms, ideas that are edgy, unheard of, not quite tried and tested out. For instance, I think NYC fit that well last year, because it was a view of planting ethnic churches right in the city, something those kids had never ever heard about.
Another thing about the progression is that I'm not sure my team is ready to go overseas just yet. And, it looks like there will be at least two other overseas teams from GCC this summer. I want to be cautious about trying to raise loads of money from the body for multiple overseas trips in one shot.

Anyway, I'm going to chase this around a bit and see if maybe they have something in the states this summer.
In the meantime, 24-7 is doing:
- mission teams
- a big get together called Transmission and then sending out of teams right after that
- a team that will go to Miami, FL for the Winter Music Conference, all in order to "pray, build relationships and seek favour for Christians in the world of dance music." Is that some kind of vision or what? Coolness.

I've also found two blogs from people that are associated with 24-7 and I've added them to my bloglines, for a while at least.
Jonah Bailey
Check out more at the 24-7 prayer site.

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