Monday, January 10, 2005

Proportions and Ratios

In our youth ministry staff meeting today, we talked about the overall proportions and ratios of overall students, students in small groups, and small group leaders. The ratios were just incredible.
Everyone doing youth ministry in 2005 knows (or should know) that it is totally not about numbers. Rather, it can certainly be about proportions, especially regarding what you think is essential to your ministry. If you have been reading here for a while, you know that our ministry is really strong in terms of small groups.
Ratios for high school only:
kids in a small group to kids that show up to Sunday morning ratio- 2:3
average Dteam leader to student ratio - 1:6
Those are some pretty awesome statistics, like whoa.
kids that came to Orbit to kids in a small group ratio - 1:5
kids that came to Orbit to kids that show up to Sunday morning ratio - 1:7
Of course, I would love it if every kid involved would come to a SPACE event. Or would I? It would be a logistical nightmare.
Additionally, I have often felt like there is a certain kid who gravitates towards something service oriented. And there are some that just don't even know yet. So I don't feel like we need to have a goal of 100% participation. Instead, if we can make sure we try to engage kids that have that sense of calling for service and mission, maybe that's a better milestone.

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