Monday, January 03, 2005

Jan 2005 Prayer Update

A quick email prayer update that I sent out to my list of people that pray.

"The life of the church is the heart of God. The heart of God is to serve a broken world. The church cannot live when the heart of God is not beating within her. God's heartbeat is to seek and save that which is lost. The church exists to serve as the body of Christ, and it is through this commitment to serve that we are forced to engage our culture. When she ceases to serve the world around her, she begins to atrophy."
Erwin McManus
_An Unstoppable Force_

Dear SPACE prayer team,

Happy New Year!! and thanks for continuing to uphold these students in your prayers. You are a vital part of this ministry as we continue to grow and push students beyond their comfort, as a part of the Church that is longing to serve the world around her.

I wanted to communicate a few small points to you for the start of this new year:
- Pray - for an event called 'Orbit' this Friday, Jan 7. It is an evening specifically focused on small groups going out and serving together with strategic, mini-service projects. Hopefully, this evening will create momentum that small group leaders can use to grow their kids to engage the world around them and catalyze their hearts for Jesus' mission.
- Pray - for our summer mission team plans. Specifically, if you can pray for one set of team leaders and one set of specific team's plans.
- Thanks - for the possibility of one student doing a mentorship with SPACE, where she will get school credit by helping out with SPACE events and leadership. Her overall goal is to get experience and knowledge with regard to student ministry and world missions.
- Thanks - for the continued efforts of the SPACE crew team, a group of students that love to get together to plan, organize and dream about community service and mission with their peer students. It's a joy to work with them.
- Thanks - for me to have a chance to go to a mini conference in Orlando later in January to hear Erwin McManus speak.

Once again, thanks for continuing to pray for the ministry of SPACE. You are a significant part in our journey to engage the next generation, bringing them forward in seeking to save the lost.

All the best for the New Year!

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