Tuesday, January 18, 2005

PM is back from India

Read his notes here. (Look for the heading "Mission Notes: Don't read if it bores you to death.")
Here are some snippets:
2. Just as we want people "Doing the Stuff" we also have to see missions in the same way: People need to be doing the missions. If we just let the leaders do it, then we are doing an injustice.
4. We don't do missions cause we will change the world, and we don't do them to change the people who are doing them. We do it cause we are commanded to do it.
6. Missions (just like evangelism, discipleship, & marriage) are most effective when they are rooted in long term committed relationships.
7. Effective missions, based on relationship, are two way. For example if we go and witness to a non-beleiver in Portugal we should invite them to our home, maybe pay their way, and love them here as well as there. Mission can not just be words.

You should go read the whole thing.

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