Sunday, January 16, 2005

Travel Tips

I've decided to try to glance at the Washington Post's Travel section each weekend, if I can. I thought it might be good to get some ideas, be in the know about travel trends, etc. Today they had a summary of some of the travel tips they learned the hard way in 2004. Here are some of the good and relevant ones:

If your digital camera battery dies mid-picture, take it out, warm it up in your hands, do a little dance and chant, and it will take at least five more pictures before dying for good.
They have Webcams all over London, and you can stand in front of one and call a friend and they can look online and watch you waving.
Always be nice to the ticket and gate agents, they can upgrade you if they feel like it.
Wear flip-flops on every flight. Even if you are flying for business, there is time to change your shoes after the flight, and it saves a lot of time and energy from taking off your shoes and potentially walking barefoot through security.
Do not wear overalls to the airport. You will be pulled out for a pat-down.
Never take a vacation with your in-laws where the plan is to be nomadic gypsies in a developing country.
Online check-in!
Even if your foreign destination says it will accept other ID than a passport, get a passport.

Read the whole article here. (Free registration required)

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