Monday, January 03, 2005

Tsunami relief - what we did

Some of you might be interested in what we personally gave to for the Tsunami relief. So I thought that might help in terms of what you might do.

1 - Doctors without Borders.
2 - Compassion International. I know for sure Compassion has a project in Chennai.
3 - Pioneers. We support a family that is serving in Southeast Asia, very close to the epicenter. Thankfully, they were not directly affected by either the quake or the tsunami. The cool thing is that they have connections with local churches that are helping with relief efforts. That is, indigenous, national, local believers, who are in perfect proximity to really help and serve. This family gave us info so that a contribution could flow from Pioneers directly into the hands of these local churches. If you are interested in this type of contribution, contact me and I can get that info to you.
We will also probably be giving to the Red Cross too, I think. News just came out that the company I work for is giving a 2:1 matching gift, which is almost too good to pass up.

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