Sunday, January 02, 2005

misc update

I'm writing about some random stuff in this post.

1 - Mentorship update
The fam and I had lunch with the student who wants to do her mentorship with SPACE. It was great to talk about some of the details. What she wants and how I see it fit really well. It's going to be cool. What I thought though, was that she was going to be doing this in the spring semester. Reality though is that it will be all year next year, starting probably when this school year is over.
I had actually planned out all the stuff for her to do for Orbit this week, haha, but thats okay. It means that she is going to be helping out all year next year, which is really cool.

2 - Orbit project list
We put together the final project list for Orbit for Friday night. There are a few loose ends that I have to nail down this week, phone calls and such. But overall, it's going to be good. So far, I have three small groups coming. But I anticipate as the week goes on, more groups will sign up. It's always a last minute thing. I even have a few college kids volunteering to help out with the logistics side of it, which is really neat. Three of them were from my Dteam grade level. I'm feeling really good about the projects, they have an edge, they are pushing the kids a bit, doing them together will create momentum and energy and an environment for their leaders to capitalize upon.

3 - Clive Calver this am
Clive Calver spoke at GCC this am. Wow. He spoke from Micah, and talked about past, present and future, in relation to the new year. Link to the rm file, but you might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday before its updated. He is leaving World Relief and has taken a church in CT. Small world - one of D's good friends from high school has visited this church's MOMs group and really liked it. So we are going to see if they want to visit it with us sometime.

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