Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Now thats a serious debrief

Contrary to how some people live, there are those of us that know that a mission experience can be a vital tool in a person's spiritual formation. In other words, we aren't taking people on a mission experience just to provide a service. Rather, we are taking them because they have a great opportunity to grow in their walk with Jesus. Of course, this needs to be balanced so that the trip is not just self-serving. Usually the mission experience is paramount in our planning efforts.
However, many times we miss the important fact that BOTH preparation and post trip followup are also key pieces of the mission experience. Some people I have heard from don't prep so that the God can work during their actual mission trip. (Don't get me started on that one...) Some people consider it done when they get home. Both are mistakes.
In any case, David@revolution242 just returned from India. He has done a big writeup of his experiences including pictures, summaries, all organized. It's pretty awesome, you should take a look. He also gave me permission to use it as an example for students (thanks David!!). For all the people that support summer missions, they ought to get back a report like David's.

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