Tuesday, January 04, 2005

GWCEA conference and Intersect

When I first started in youth ministry, I went to the Greater Washington Christian Educators Association (GWCEA) conference a few years in a row. It was local and put on by my home church so I checked it out one year. One of those years, I ended up going to this incredible workshop entitled Philosophy of Youth Ministry, which ended up profoundly affecting my experience as a youthworker. I swear I listened to the tape of that workshop over and over for the next five or so years. I also had one of my first 'dates' with D one of those years too. (It was cheap, I was in grad school, she sounded interested, you know the drill...) I was poking around the site tonight and looks like they have some pretty good stuff coming up for the conference later this month.
They have a youthworker track as well as a student track, two things they never had when I went. The speaker for the student track, Dave Burke, has spoken on a few of our student retreats and although I have never heard him, people say he's phenomenal. The speaker for the youthworker track, Steve Argue, looks really good too, looks like he was a Sonlife guy and has now branched off to form intersect, which looks something I could relate to:
"Initially, we offer training and consulting pathways through leadership courses, extended weekends for youth ministries, leadership summits, and written resources. Our focus is upon calling leaders to be formed theologically, personally, and missionally. What does that mean? We believe theology--the study of God and His Redemptive Story--has deeply practically implications for how we live and lead in ministry. It affects who we are and how we engage in the mission of God."
Looks like intersect has some great resources about student missions. I'm definitely going to check those out some more.

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