Wednesday, January 12, 2005

from George to mobilizers

A letter from George Verwer to mobilizers.... Read the full article here.

1. Try to have your information and facts correct and stick to what you know is true.
2. Try to stick to basic passages where the call to prayer, action, and mission is strong.
3. Take the grace-awakened approach; never preach down to people, but always loving and esteeming them.
4. Be honest about your own doubts, struggles, and failures as well as the victories and answers to prayer.
5. Don’t present overseas mission as a superior calling for super-special people. Esteem those who remain home in Market Place Ministry and sending. Especially esteem those who are giving and praying. For 50 years I have experienced it is easier to get the go-ers than the senders. Push the book, _Serving_As_Senders.
6. Make sure you have a great display of books and other materials. If they have their own book display, try to push their items. Get permission in advance for what you are planning to do.
7. Use Power Points and audiovisuals. Test everything before the meeting and keep it short! If you get others to testify, give them a time limit and beg them to stick to it. Stick to your time as well.
8. Try to get personal time with the pastor and other key people before or after the meeting.
9. Make sure everything is covered with prayer. If possible, make prayer part of the meeting.
10. Try to be clear and specific. Give invitations for commitment and at least to be willing to get involved more. Isaiah 6:1-8. I get people to pray that prayer, "Here am I, send me," urging them to realize that the Holy Spirit may send them across the
street or across the sea.

Some good stuff. I most struck by #5. It's a tough balance, but he is so right. Just because someone decides that overseas missions is not for them, there is no less validity in their call or mission that God has for them. It's an issue that I know I need to be more careful of when I talk to people. It's being a missions snob. No room for that around here.
Hopefully, I haven't conveyed that sense here on my blog either. But if I do, please tell me so.

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