Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ralph Winter - One of Time's 25

I was glancing through the list of Times 25 Most Influential Evangelicals, and wasn't too impressed. I mean, it was an okay list. Certainly there were people that I had heard of, and have been influenced by, directly or indirectly. And then there were people that I had never heard of. By the middle, I was starting to get weary.
But then...alas, number 25 - Ralph Winter. That is sweet.
It's not so much about who is influential in the eyes of Time Magazine. Maybe it is that all of us who follow Jesus are trying to be as influential as we can in the spheres of people that we have around us. And that we are listening and obeying to God as we do this, that we are loving people, that we are catalyzing our close friends and family to live like this too.
Anyway, I'm glad to see Dr. Winter there. The work that he has done has, literally, changed my life. Taking Perspectives ruined my life for a little bit, and then push me into clarity of mission.

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