Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Disaster Relief Team

Tim writes about the actual day to day work, what the living conditions were like, and the people and expertise that made up his team in this post here.
"Life would have been extremely stressful in that setting if it had not been for the make up of the team. We had a great team with lots of short term mission experience. Several had a lot of disaster relief work. The Advance team was only with us a few nights; they included two mental health counselors, a trauma nurse, and an engineer. Our team was made up of a Neonatalogist (NICU doctor), a Internist/Pediatrician who was also a retired astronaut with NASA who had 4 space shuttle flights to his credit, a retired radiologist who loves to fly planes, and two family docs (of which I was one). We also had a physician assistant student (who came from a family of 9 sisters and brothers) and a medic in the special forces who starts medical school this year. We also had a NICU nurse, a retired neurosurgical nurse, and a family nurse practitioner. We also had a few nonmedical folks who literally kept camp going."
Read this list again of people and their expertise. This is why when I hear of teams going to the tsuanmi affected region, I wince or clam up. Disaster relief requires a whole realm of expertise - not a group of Western travellers bent on doing a good deed or two.

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