Wednesday, June 02, 2004


I don't think I get enough opportunity to sit down and talk with people that have no interest in 'religion' and talk about the deep issues of life. Recently, we got invited to our neighbors house for a Bible study. And we didn't even know they went to church. Apparently, they just got involved in a church a few months ago and the church decided to do the 40 days of purpose. So our neighbors, C and L, decided to host a Bible study on the Purpose Driven Life. Yeah, you are right, that is kind of cool. D has been going almost every week, I just already had too many commitments and such. Anyway, this past weekend, we were both able to go, and it was really fun. Not only fun, it was very intriguing and healthy to sit and mostly listen to what people outside the Church think about deep, significant issues of life. It's also been great to get to know C and L a little better instead of just talking about lawn feed and stuff like that.
Last week's study was on mission, ministry and service. As we talked, I jotted down some snippets which I found interesting. Interesting because I think they are symbolic of what people think about the church in general. I hope you find them interesting too:

- 'the church is fashion show'
- 'who are the unbelievers?' (also - I think the group we were with doesn't quite understand the Gospel yet, they still believe God chooses people based upon how good they are. Of course, I wanted to pipe up, but thought it was better to just listen.)
- 'that doesn't sound very Christian.'
- 'we need some kind of religious education for our son.' (really... very intruiging.)
- 'how do I decide how to serve, I might not want to make a long term commitment, or something better might show up.'

Overall, I was trying to take the advice that sometimes, we as Christ followers just talk to much. Do you sometimes feel, that when you only listen, you missed the boat?

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