Friday, June 04, 2004

Mission 5 follow up

Wow. What an awesome time. We had three people who had spent some time overseas come and talk... Kind of a round table.
B - the Sudan
D and M - Egypt and Israel
The questions:
1.What was the best thing you did to relate to another culture well?
2.After being immersed in another culture, how should we behave differently as Americans?
3.What was the biggest cultural mistake you made? How did it happen?
4.What did you love about the new culture that you were in?
5.How did elements of your walk with Christ become known in that other culture? (ie. It was not just an American thing.)
Some great thoughts that they talked through, and I think the students got a lot to think about regarding culture. I know they are going to deal with different cultures on these trips, thats the beauty of it...
It went on for about 60 minutes, a little bit long for some of the kids. There were middle schoolers there... (Maybe this middle school weekend I am leading is a mistake... I'm just kidding...)
Also going to start to pray with the other team leaders periodically as we get closer to departure.
Wow. I can't believe the 5 meetings are over. I'm going to miss it.

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