Sunday, June 13, 2004

What I'm going to do about Origins

rough thoughts after a few weeks of processing thoughts and ideas from Origins...
and listening to some of McManus' messages...

Principle-Relevance to the culture is not optional
*-Shengs will engage culture via active watching of movies
*-we will have a line item in family budget for culture (movies, entertain, music, etc.)
*-SPACEcrew meetings might evolve from just launch planning to including ideas and concepts about being active in mission (this is hard to articulate)

Principle-every NT church had heresy and immorality because they had prebelievers involved in community
*-we will articulate that friends of students have an open invitation to every Launch

Principle-Mission is why the church exists
*-how many students can we get involved in Launches and Mission trips?
can we shoot for 50% within 3 years of starting SPACe?

Principle-Faith and safety are closer tied today than faith and risk.
If you have faith, you will be successful -> false principle.

*-what things are we attempting that can only fail unless God accomplishes (God accomplishes relationships, tasks, thoughts - SPACE involves relationships of people, getting tasks done, acting upon thoughts)
*-can we attempt things that can only fail unless God accomplishes them?

Principle-We need to live lives that are active in listening for God's voice and call.
*-are we spending time in God's word and listening for His audible voice?
Not only the leaders, but the people/students we lead.
Does the worldview we teach to students include this aspect of spiritual growth?

I'm not sure I'm totally done with this, but I think its a good start...

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