Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I got together with one of my 03 dteam guys tonight, T. I've written a bit about him before. Tonight as I was driving out to meet him, I just prayed that God would use me, that God would give me the right words, that we would just have a real conversation about life, and stop just playing with nice conversation. I think that part of my prayer was really answered.
We talked a lot about the existence of God, whether the Bible is true or not, how God can't or should be able to do something outside the realm of his nature. Most of it made me a little frustrated. But that's ok. I appreciated the dialogue.
What I don't appreciate, what I am incensed about, what keeps me up at night when I let it, is that his parents have gained the whole world, literally, and have lost their son's soul.

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