Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NYT articles about adolescents

NYT articles about adolescents
Two very good articles I just read regarding adolescents.
Both from NYT. You might need to get free registration.
Both links From Thunderstruck

For some reason, I've been fascinated with Las Vegas for the past few years. It's weird. I think it all started when I decided to take my Dteam guys, right after graduation, to work with YWAM Las Vegas. They have a thing called Lost World Cafe, where they minister to street people, down and out gamblers, etc. I thought it would be really really cool. In reality, guys that just graduated from high school were more interested in spending their summers saving money for college. It's understandable, and an interesting issue to note when planning student missions.

Kids in Las Vegas

The second article: talks about friends with benefits. I had never understood this phrase, and even still don't. But this article really opens the door on how easily our teenagers talk about sex these days.. and more.... Read it for yourself.

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