Friday, June 04, 2004

Final Official Missions Prep

Something like this:

* real live missionaries panel talking about culture
* ice cream sundaes
* team time revisiting the 8 great questions
1.What can I learn about myself?
2.What can I learn about God?
3.What can I learn about community and church?
4.What can I learn about culture and its impact on faith?
5.What can I learn about justice and poverty?
6.What can I learn about discipleship?
7.What can I learn about my lifestyle?
8.What can I learn about my vocation?
(Taken from Short Term Missions Workbook)

Wow... It's been a great set of meetings with these students. Are we ready? Are we setting them up to be successful for these trips? Will they come back with a missional attitude and worldview? Will they understand more of the world and God's passion for it with and thru them?
I think so... and somehow I think little of it has to do with these meetings...

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