Monday, June 14, 2004

Mustard Seed Playlist

Like all 6 year olds, K is getting big into music. She wants her own CD walkman and the other day her grandparents took her shopping and they bought her a CD, her first CD that she has ever picked out... Scary....
It's scary because I think music has a profound influence on our culture. And at the age of 6, I think we as parents have to be super careful.
For Mustard Seeds, we are going to bring an MP3 player for the plane ride. And I got a double headphone jack. And, of course, I picked out our music. It's going to be fun to be able to listen to the same music...
Here are some of the tracks:

Ashton, Becker, Dente - Angels
Ashton, Becker, Dente - Song of Reconciliation
Ashton, Becker, Dente - No Other
Chris Tomlin - Enough
Chris Tomlin - Not to Us
FFH - Fly Away
Hillsongs - Angels
Hillsongs - Glory
Hillsongs Kids - Every Move I Make
Mosaic - Closer Than Breathing
Mosaic - If I Step
Mosaic - No One Above You
Mosaic - What You See
Mosaic - Invisible
Mosaic - I Live For You
Mosaic - Nothing is Better
Chris Tomlin / Crowder, David Band / Hall, Charlie Band - Famous One
Crowder, David Band / Hall, Charlie Band / Tomlin, Chris Band - Prepare the Way
Rebecca St James - Lamb of God
Rebecca St James - Blessed Be Your Name
Steven Curtis Chapman - Live Out Loud
Steven Curtis Chapman - Jesus Is Life
Steven Curtis Chapman - Magnificent Obsession
Third Day - Come Together
Bebo Norman / Caedmons Call / City On A Hill / Sing Alleluia - Holy Is Your Name
Newsboys - Joy
dc Talk - Between You and Me
dc Talk - Colored People
Keith Green - You are the One

PS - Funny thing, K is a huge Keith Green fan....

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