Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Talk on Mission

Well in my spare time, I put together a quick talk about mission.
It's sort of getting some thoughts together for a sendoff kind of thing for the summer trips, I don't know if I will get the opportunity to really use it or not.
But I like doing this kind of thing.
I love to speak to students when I can, when it's the right venue and all. When someone asks you to speak, its a funny dynamic. Suddenly, you have total freedom to say what you want, and someone wants you to be able to do that. They've given you liberty to say what you want. It's funny like that.
Anyway, here are my very rough notes.

you are on mission
every person

the Bible is a cohesive picture of people on mission
the overall theme is consistent, people called into a bigger purpose
than themselves

1 Gen 12 -
your blessings are unique
God has designed you for a specific purpose

2 Acts 17
Paul was distressed by the idols in the city
Do we get distressed like that?
Do we greieve for our friends?

story - TP
are we distressed by how our friends live?

3 Matt28
God calls you
to make disciples
to make people thirst for God
teach them to walk with Him
its about knowing God's book, and hearing His voice

SPACE has got some momentum
I don't know if what we are doing is right or not
If we will be succsssful or not
But I believe this is accordign to the heart of God
He wants us to care for the poor
To engage our community
To so love the people that live here, that we strive to make a difference

Darwin awards - rocket
Do we generate skid marks?
Are we moving with God with that much energy and momentum?
Are you bored with your life?

Food fight - Glenn was on a specific purpose and mission
Are we on mission like that?


or something like that...

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