Wednesday, June 09, 2004

K back from Kstan

K hung out with our fam last night for a few hours, telling loads and loads of stories about Kstan. Definitely a great experience, propelling him even more into missions. Very cool.
So many stories... He said the most interesting was probably hearing a believer in one of the villages give the Bridge illustration, but one that was slightly changed to be specific for Muslims. Really brought out some intersting things for K to process regarding the Contextualization Scale... And, believe me, I've got lots of questions about it too. But I think it's good for him to be thinking about that. More about the C-scale here.
K also mentioned:
- the trip made him see that the world is pretty big. the idea that Americans have this inherent right - to be happy, to be wealthy, to be comfortable - really annoys him.
- what is the core of the Gospel in the New Testament? because we (the Church) disagree about a lot of other stuff that doesn't really matter.
It was great to hear all the stories and see all the pictures. I didn't want him to be overwhelmed with our questions, but yet I wanted him to be able to share all that he wanted to. Sometimes, people come home and they get frustrated because their friends and family here only want to listen for a short time, when they have absolutely tons to share.
K gave me the questions that his team leader gave them for debriefing too. I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but debriefing is always key. So I grab as much as I can from people who have debriefed or done debriefings, especially for cross cultural ministry. I've got probably about 10-12 different documents with questions, studies on specific passages, activities, etc.
K brought me back a miniature dutar, which looks like this -
He also brought me a set of muslim prayer beads. 33 beads, and when they pray through them 3 times, they have covered the 99 gods. I asked him if it was safe to bring into my house and at one point, D put them on her Bible and said, "I probably shouldn't put them on my Bible..."

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