Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sharing the Vision

Every few months, I drop in on the Missions Task Force at GCC. Most of the time, it's to update them on what is happening on the student side of the Body. It is usually a pretty fun time for me, as I get a few minutes to talk about SPACE and everyone there is really intersted. It's cool.
I went last night to give them an update, and thought, lucky blog reader, that you might like to see it too.
So here it is.
All in all, its kind of a God given dream and vision come true...


GCC Youth Ministries
SPACE summer missions

Trip Breakouts:
Light Company – 6th – 8th graders:
Service based weekend working at CMTS.
Car washing/detailing, general landscaping, cleaning projects.
Break the stereotype of a missionary.
6 students/6 leaders
Approx cost - $0

10th Grade
Center for Student Missions, Washington DC.
Immersion into the inner city while working with indigenous local ministries in Washington DC.
10 students/4 leaders

SPACEcrew (SPACE leader kids)
Urban Impact, NYC
Working with ministry focused on unreached people groups in NYC.
7 students/2 leaders

Total budget – approx $8750
Raised to date - $8893
163 financial and prayer partners

Team Preps:
- worship is the goal of missions
- developing a personal testimony
- team work – Myers Briggs Personality Test, the Hardy Personality
- team work – team initiatives
- culture – 3 speakers from GCC who lived in different cultures

Various Other Youth Min trips:
CS – LC leader – the Inner City Experience, the Dream Center, Tampa, FL – middle school inner city ministry
TC – CpR Leader – Ukraine, Mission to the World

Next Steps:
Sendoff – LC/CpR – 7/11
Prayer Cards
Mission Teams Party – 8/22

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