Monday, June 07, 2004

Dedication Sunday

You ever have one of those Sundays where you feel so priviledged to be a part of something? Where you have been given some insight, a special view into what God wants a family to look like? Where a community laughs hysterically together at some ridiculous line and a few minutes later weeps together for something lost that will be found later? Yesterday was it for me, in 3rd service at GCC.
A recap here won't even come close to being fair, but I'll try anyway:
- our middle school pastor coming in dressed as a knight with a youthworker behind him knocking coconuts together (just like in a Monty Python movie)
- the overall child dedication service where:
* one of the parents was reciting a passage she had memorized but forgot the last half.. she gave the mike to her husband, who said, "She did really well in bed last night..." of course, the whole room was laughing hysterically. he came back and said, "hey people, this is church, get your minds out of the gutter.."
I looked at PM back in the sound booth, he was cracking UP
* another dad choked back tears talking about his kids
* another dad up front, with his mother and mother in law, dedicating his daughter, who was 6 months old. his wife had passed away in april. at the end of his time, he read a letter his wife had written their daughter. not many dry eyes after that.
* the reading that we do at Grace during child dedication services, about our commitment to these families as His Body.
- hearing PM speak about Jesus and his interactions with kids - from Mat 18
It was one of those mornings in church where you feel so blessed to be among this group of people, to be so lucky to get a glimpse into how God is moving in people and families and friends, to feel so fortunate that God has given us a spirit of joy and laughter, among the sad and the hurting. Like I said, it's a poor narrative about what really went on that morning but hopefully you get the idea.
I left with the thought in my head, "Man, this is church."

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