Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Mustard Seed - short summary

Here is a short summary/prayer followup letter that I sent out.
I am working on a more in depth follow up that I will post later this week...
Thanks for praying...

Hi All,

Thanks so much for praying for K and I for the past few days while we were at Boot Camp with Teen Missions. To give you a little background, Teen Missions has been in operation for about 30 years preparing and sending hundreds of high school students all over the world on missions trips every summer. I've been intrigued about it for a little while and when they offered a 4-6 year old program for the first time this summer,we thought we would go to experience it first hand.

Boot Camp pretty much describes it - no running water, no electricty,hot Florida heat, sleeping in tents, and mosquitos all the time (160 bites between the two of us). It was definitely a rough time for both of us, but we made it through. In the meantime, K had fun hearing from missionaries from other countries, making lots of crafts about sharing the Gospel story, and doing typical camp stuff, like pool time, story time
and evening 'rallys'.

It's a hard thing to put your child through some suffering deliberately. Most of the
time, K handled it well enough. But there were certainly times when the bugs, the heat, the Boot Camp rules, and the lack of sleep got to her, as it did with most of the kids there.

Needless to say, those things got to me too.

My hope is that as we both process through this experience, it would make us more compassionate towards the world, less tied to our material possessions and more eager to share Christ with those that don't know Him.

Once again, thanks for thinking and praying for us. We know that your prayers were vital to our experience there.
tony and k

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