Sunday, May 16, 2004

Weekend Update

Weekend Update
This weekend has been fun so far... Except I'm working right now...
Last night was Carni Night... very fun. SM did an awesome job as usual. CP our youth admin/catalyst brought a visitor, I think she is hooked as a volunteer. Funny like that. Once people experience the ministry, they probably either are way too scared of it, or want totally in. Had a very late meal with K.
Hung out today with some good friends of ours that used to go to Grace. Some very cool things happening with them in Montgomery County. They are helping pull together married small groups in MD for McLean Bible, powerhouse of the Beltway.
Went to a birtdhay party for a couple that are old friends of ours tonight. They turn 40. Yikes. 40 in age, definitely not in spirit. It was great to hang out with them.
Tomorrow is Bridging the Gap Sunday, where we have church on the new property. It's going to be pretty neat, except, earlier tonight, it was pouring. If there is bad weather, we do church like normal. Which will be kind of a disappointment... On the way home tonight, D and I stopped in the park and ride lot to pray for tomorrow and for the land and the building. My prayer is that the building brings us even closer as a church to God's mission in the world and that we don't worship the building. We will see.
K leaves for Kstan on Monday. Him and two other guys from the 03 boys are going. Very exciting. These poor guys have just had a whirlwind - they've been home from college after finishing their freshmen year just less than a week and then off they go to Kstan. Pretty crazy but what a great experience. K's got this great attitude about not knowing at all what to expect. I think that's what Erwin refers to as bringing more chaos into our environments...

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