Monday, May 10, 2004


This song from Hillsongs really affected me on the plane ride home for some strange reason. Images of my children just kept popping into my head, and the screaming desire to have them be passionate about Jesus just weighed heavy on my heart. I'm not usually such an emotional person, I have no idea why. It was weird. I had to play this song over and over, probably 10 times in a row. Weird. But therapeutic.

Words and Music by Marty Sampson

The holiest place there could ever be
All you can do is bow
Before the one who made heaven and earth
Before the Almighty God
For him alone

Sing with the angels
Sing with the angels
Singing the name of the lord
Singing the name of the lord

For every soul
He gave it all
Given for all of mankind
Eternal life is his alone
Given to all who believe
In him alone


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