Sunday, May 16, 2004

Ministry vs. Me

Ministry vs. Me
During the big outside party this am, one of our mission leaders asked me if he could ask me a 'ministry related question.' It got me thinking. Our previous church experience, almost 9 years ago, included lots of activities ministry related, including youth leader, adult Sunday school and D teaching in the church's Christian school as a full time teacher. So Sunday's were anything but a break for us. She would have parents asking her questions about students while she was at church trying to, in very stereotypical terms, fellowship and worship. We were able to easily comparmentalize ministry and life. Some Sunday's we just skipped church because we didn't want to have to deal with all the ministry/work stuff while were trying to regroup spiritually at church. Overall, I think that was really unhealthy. Of course, it wasn't intentional on anyone's part. And I know that when you go into vocational ministry, you definitely lose some obscurity.
But it got me thinking, doesn't God's mission require us to be fully engaged? Shouldn't a Christ-follower be a wholly fully devoted person? Spiritual life shouldn't be segmented between who we are on Sundays as a worshipper versus another night as youth leader or a day job as a teacher. And I'm happy to say that I've never felt the same way at GCC. Ministry, life, who I am has always been all together. I'm a husband, a father, an engineer, a youth leader and it is all put together by God for a unique purpose. And the overlap of all the elements makes every piece even better. I am good engineer because I have a life outside of work, my family loves to be a part of the family ministering to students, etc... Just thinking off the top of my head.
With regards to the conversation this morning, I told him, "Sure, definitely!"

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