Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The DeShazer story

The DeShazer story
What a story here. You have to read it to really get it.
Some snippets:
- one of the bombers during WWII, one of the bleakest missions
- captive by the Japanese, 40 months of imprisonment and torture, 34 of those in solitary confinement
- started to fall in love with Jesus in prison
- got released, came home, got a degree in missions, got married
- went back to Japan as a missionary
- planted 23 churches, including three from their home, and one in Nagoya, the city that he had bombed
What the heck...

Got the link from a new blog I've been reading, Looking Closer, which is written by a film/music critic for Christianity Today. Remember, relevance to the culture is .... ok you remember.

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