Thursday, May 13, 2004

3 marks of a disciple

From Erwin - 3 marks of a disciple
1. God taught - Jer 33
What God says is not hearsay for you.
Give yourselves of helping everyone who knows Christ to hear his voice. John 10
If God is silent to you – Christianity is irrelevant to you.
Pour your life into the Scriptures
Your Christianity should not be rumors about God.

2. Godd moved - Ex ??
You become holy in the sight of the world
You love what is right and true
Passions are transformed
You do right because you long for God
Who are you when you are totally alone, when no one is looking?
When pagans come to Christ – they get as close as they can to life with Christ
When Christians come to Christ – they see how close to the wrong edge they can get, they try to get away with things that are questionable.

3. God inspired - Joel 2:28
God inspired
Dreaming dreams beyond our wildest imagination
Problems with hyperventilation when you talk about your life with God
Movement of dreamers and visionaries
The contemporary church does not have the same idea because we have – managers, administrators, preachers, teachers
Die to your own dreams – enliven others dreams
Too many pastors are manipulating
Dreams/visions are born in the lives of people in the church

Of course, I'm selling the session short here. He told lots of stories about some pretty amazing circumstances, etc. I think it was the best session. It also ended with a video collage of some images from the people at Mosaic set to U2's "Beautiful Day". And the very end was a commissioning ceremony for all the church planters that were at the conference. They were prayed for and anointed with oil. Very cool.
Which incidentally, is a very interesting topic - church planting. But alas, for another time...

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