Sunday, May 16, 2004

Bridge the Gap Sunday

Bridge the Gap Sunday
Well today was the big one service on the land.... Wow. It was pretty incredible, all those people. And it poured rain like all last night, but this morning, it was an awesome morning. Very cool.
PM spoke about the seed, and how there are people that came to Christ from someone else going before them, and how this property is a huge planting/seeding/reaping opportunity. It was some good stuff.
On a side note, my youngest daughter got a little lost, and ended up down in front in his arms. Funny.
They also had the elder team and the pastoral team do some groundbreaking with some shovels. That was cool. And they let each family have a chance to do that, and everyone took home a cup of dirt from the land with some seeds in it, so we could watch both our church and the seeds grow at the same time. Pretty neat.
A few pictures are here.

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