Sunday, May 02, 2004

9th grade nonprogress
On the 9th grade trip front, there is no progress. We worked pretty hard to put together a pretty good leader team. A leader team I'm pretty proud of. ML, who I have led trips with before, who really loves students. MM, a college student who is seeking youth ministry as a profession, EG, another college kid who went with me to SEMP in 2000 when he was a wee lad. Both MM and EG were in my 03 dteam. And no response from these 9th graders, who I would have thought would have been all over this trip. What's up with that? I've had a head cold all weekend and this morning had intentions to go to the Warehouse and make another announcement about it. But then I sat in big church and didn't feel like bothering. D and I talked about it, and she was like, 'You better go do that.'
If we want kids to go on this, with the strategy that it sets them up to do even more strategic missions in the next years of their high school experience, if we believe that kids will grow immensely in their experience and knowledge of sharing their faith with their friends or anyone on the street, if we think that it's worth it for them to learn to share their faith in their own culture before in another culture.... We are totally going to have to fight for these kids to come. One easy thing the Devil wants is for us to sit back and say, "It's not worth it and I'm too lazy to do the work for it."
I'm kind of surprised as I write this - in light of the past few months, I didn't see what needed to be done...
Anyway, I made the announcement. 9th graders - start pounding down my door about this trip...
I know it will be worth it.

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