Tuesday, May 18, 2004

7 world changes for missions

7 world changes relevant for missions
The full article here.
1. 24/x7 global communications
2. Largest population migration in history. More than 50% of the world now lives in urban areas.
3. Global economy.
4. The center of the Christian faith is shifting from the West to Latin America, Asia and Afria.
5. There are now more than 3000 mission agencies and entities.
6. Churches are reclaiming the front line of missions.
7. The laity are being empowered and released. A release of God's people unparalleled since Acts 8.

Wow, I totally see it. All 7 make sense to me. The coolest is #7. I know I've said it lots before, but we have a younger generation that needs to be released into mission as a crucial and integral part of their existence. They cannot exist without being called into an epic story.

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