Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Christian Teens and P2P

Christian Teens and P2P
Read it here (requires watching an add from Salon.com)
This has to got to be my favorite quote from the article:
"And can Satan really be involved in the sharing of an Amy Grant hit single?"
It is a good article though. Would be a great discussions starter.
On a related note, I stopped downloading free music about around the Fall of 03. Prior to that, I hadn't bought a CD in probably 3 years. It was bad.
Now, I have a line item in our budget titled 'Culture' for music and movies. Like Erwin says, "Relevance to the culture is not an option."
Here is a list of the CDs I have bought since I stopped downloading illegally:

Norah Jones (the latest, I can't remember the title)
Evanescence - Fallen
Clint Black - Nothin' But the Taillights (yard sale)
Bebo Norman - Myself When I Am Real
Jeremy Camp - Stay
Hillsongs - Hope
Mosaic - Ancient God (from Origins, probably the best of the list)

I also did the iTunes thing for the month of April when they were doing those free downloads from Pepsi bottles. It was good while it lasted, but you can't turn those into MP3s very easily. So you have to use the iTunes player. And you can't move them from media to media. Long story. If you want details, google it.

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