Friday, May 28, 2004

04-05 SPACE Goals

04-05 SPACE Goals
Had a GCC YM staff meeting yesterday. It was, like they always are, very fun. Very energizing and motivating. Nothing like a meeting in the corporate world...
Anyway, one of the things we did was talk about 04-05 school year goals.
Also a key piece to our goals was fitting them in to the overall Grace strategy, which is as:
G - God's Word
R - Relationships
A - Authentic Worship
C - Compassion
E - Every Person Participating

Ok, now some of you might find it a little hokey that there is an acronym based on our church's name into specific goals. But give us a little slack, huh? And anyway, I think, when I try to be objective about it, that those elements make up a really good strategy...

More on goals later... I think some of the pondering about some stuff I learned at Origins and thinking about next year is starting to come together...

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