Monday, May 31, 2004


A sermon from Pastor Mark, from Luke 8, titled "The Thing We Like the Least."
Listen to the rm here.
A few of my notes to whet your appetite.

- Jairus turns around
Jesus is nowhere to be found
Jesus is talking to this woman
And Jairus is left waiting
Meanwhile, someone came out and said, Dead is your daughter v.49
too late - we missed our window of opportunity, now leave Jesus alone
When they got there, the funeral had started - a full fledged funeral
Jesus says stop wailing, she is asleep, they are convinced she is dead
They laughed at Jesus, knowing that she was dead

- Delays and interruptions are part of God's plan
from the woman's perspective - Jesus is 12 years late
from Jairus' perspective - Jesus is 12 minutes late
from Jesus perspective - he is not late at all
The delays we see are part of the plan

- in our culture, who waits?
we have a sophisticated ranking system for waiting
people who have the most clout don't wait
God's choicest people are asked to wait
Because of how God transforms us when we wait
Because of what God does around us when we wait

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