Sunday, May 23, 2004

Weekend Update

Weekend Update
The weekend was good. And it's not over yet. The rest is going to be good too. I'm sitting here watching my kids in a kiddie pool. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

leader celebration at Grace.
PM talked about being a solider.
"There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer."
Oh and Bridge the Gap Sunday - 1,000 families gave financially. $1.2M. Wow.

time with Granny and Grandpa
Missions Prep #4 with Gadget.
Human knots, ropes, etc.
Very fun. The LC missions team came along. Very exciting, it is not a bunch
of missions teams, it is a movement of the younger generation.

CpR this am.
SM talked about the Ephesus church, the gateway to the East.
If the Church could grow in Ephesus, it can grow anywhere.
Opened SEMP for all of high school. Got two interested parties right away. Yes.

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