Monday, May 17, 2004

TP scrapbookremember

TP scrapbook
Some of you that follow this blog have heard me talk about TP, a student that was in a high school guys small group that I led for 4 years. You know he's had some rough times with addictions and such. Anyway, he is graduating from high school this weekend and his mother is asking people to jot down thoughts, stories, verses, wisdom, etc. for a scrapbook for him.
Here is my contribution:

My favorite memory of TP was the time him, AH and myself
served as valet parking for a family friend's wedding party.
Consistently, when there are boys and cars, there is adventure.
This night was no different as we had the P's 4x4.
After some time parking cars and attending to guests,
the reception started and we had little to do, except the truck,
a huge plot of land and some snacks.
So TP decided to give us a driving tour of the property.
While driving around, it seemed like he decided to take a random
turn off the road to go up a clearing to a light in the distance.
And we got the Suburban stuck in the mud. I think it was only
slightly stuck at first. Then TP put it in 4x4 and floored
it. By then, it was stuck good. And the truck was covered in lots
of mud. We wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
There in the dark, in the mud, with a whole wedding reception going
on up the hill, we sat and contemplated what to do.
There was my SUV, AH's Jeep, and the tractor in the garage. And of
course, AH and I wondered, "Where exactly is that light you were
looking for, TP?"
Eventually, we got my SUV and towed the Suburban out of the mud hole.
After we got it back on the road, the hole was easily 12-13 inches deep.
And really muddy.
It's probably my favorite memory because, like most boys and men,
we had an adventure. But adventure isn't the only element in this story.
This story, in many ways, symbolizes a lot about the grand story of
life, and how God involves us in His epic story of reaching our
world for His praise.
Like that night, it's easy for most of us to get stuck in the mud when you
are looking for a light in the distance. Many times, God calls us
to go through hard and sticky situations and circumstances, risking
a lot of what we have and think in order to be misunderstood
for His purposes and glory.
It requires a great deal of trust to go off the beaten path when
you believe the true light is calling to you. And it really helps having
a group of friends with you, who share in the adventure of seeking,
the dare of not knowing, the risk of getting stuck somewhere with you.
TP, my hope is that your life continues to embody adventure, risk and
good friends willing to get muddy with you, all so God can be praised.

Always your dteam leader,

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