Thursday, September 14, 2006

Packing List extras

Well after Cameroon, I learned some more about what to bring.

1. A headlamp - better than a flashlight.

2. A high quality water bottle. Even though you will probably be drinking bottled water, this will still help. And sometimes you may be getting water from filters, like in someone's home. I didn't bring one to Cameroon and I wish I had.

3. Lemonade [or other drink mixes] in single serving packets. To reduce the monotony of drinking just water - although keep in mind, there might be some people living in the country you are visiting that don't have access to clean water.

4. This really cool book light I found at Target for $2.50. Also really great on the plane.

5. A nurse. Or if you can't bring a nurse, a good first aid kit with a thermometer. Body temperature is something important to monitor if someone gets sick.

6. Purrell or other equivalent hand sanitizer. In the 2 oz bottles. Plan on one bottle lasting about 2 days of vigorous sanitizing - vigorous for a group of about 8 or 9.

7. Toilet paper from your house. Before I left, D rolled a bunch of it for me into Ziploc bags. She estimated how much each 'outing' would take. One more hint - you can roll one outings worth into the tube and save space that way. And yes, it did come in handy.

8. Your life will be easier if the electronics you bring run off normal batteries instead of having to be charged via an electrical outlet. Shavers, cameras, music players, etc. Bring double the amount of batteries you estimate. I used a set of new batteries for my digital camera every 3rd day and I took about 400 pictures in 12 days.

9. A flash drive or two with any important info.

10. Copies of passports and visa documents. Each of our leaders had copies of both [and emergency contact info.] I also scanned in passports and sent the images to my email.

11. Journal and extra pens.

12. American money. If for nothing else, to show and give away.

13. Hair clips and scrunchies for little girls - to give away.

14. Insect repellent. Let me just say that I hate wearing repellent. But this Off Active stuff isn't too bad. And you don't want to get malaria. So buy it, bring it and wear it.

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