Friday, September 15, 2006

YLG 06 blog

From September 24-30, 500 young Christian leaders will will descend on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from all parts of the globe for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering(YLG-06). These hand-picked leaders represent the next generation of those who will be responsible for leading churches and missions towards completing the Great Commission. Keep up to date with the YLG06 blog. Also, check out the leadership workshop listing here.

If I was going, here would be the workshops I would attend:
- Leadership in context
Understanding the world we’re living in. How can we consider some of the cultural, ethnic, religious and political realities of the world we’re trying to reach?

- Leadership and disciple-making
Learning to disciple others to follow Christ for a lifetime. How can we model a faith that others will want to chase after?

- Leadership among poor people
Developing Holistic Ministries around the Gospel. How should the church really serve poor people? How can we encourage those around us to engage with poverty?

- Leadership and family
Keeping My Marriage growing and strong in a demanding leadership role. How can I give my best to my ministry and to my family? Which comes first? How have older leaders kept ministry and family in balance?

- Leading the Way
How can I keep focused on what I believe God is calling me to? How can I cast a clear vision and set a direction to help others move forward with me?

- Learning to grow
How can I keep developing as a leader? Understanding the bigger picture of leadership development, including formal and informal education, on the job training, feedback, reflection and evaluation.

Sounds like a phenomenal time. [related post here]

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