Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blog Spam

Some of you readers that read from an RSS feed might have noticed a strange post last night in the middle of the night. Think Chinese characters with lots of vibrant, neon, disco colors. No, that wasn't anything about students, mobilizing or mission. It was better - it was spam.

Up until yesterday, I had enabled a blogger feature that lets you post via email. Simply jot down your post and email it to your custom email address and it gets posted automatically. It's a really cool feature and I've used it to post from my phone via a text message and from Internet cafes and the like. Most recently, I used the address to post an update from when I was in Cameroon. During my time there, access to the web was limited but I did have the ability to send updates over someone else's email. So as I would write updates to our home team, I also included the blogger posting email address. One slight bump - when people replied to all, those got posted too. Good thing I gave D all of my important passwords.

Anyway, I've disabled the email posting - hopefully no more disco colored Chinese characters on here for a while.

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